Celine Dion

Céline Dion Celebrates Her First Album in 6 Years With Karaoke

It’s not entirely uncommon for an artist to sing at their album release party. It’s much more rare though for it to be karaoke, or at a Drag Show, or Céline Dion . Somehow all of those things came together on Thursday night, as Céline celebrated the release of her first album in six years, Courage...
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Metal Band Covers Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On'

If Jack Dawson would have heard this version of “My Heart Will Go On” at the end of Titanic , he might have been able to summon the strength to get on that floating door with Rose. Veteran British power metal band DragonForce has steered its ship in a new direction with a surprising and awesome...
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Celine Dion Goes Makeup-Free In New 'Imperfections' Music Video

Celine Dion is not holding back in the new music video she just released. Dion is not afraid, and she just went makeup-free in the new video. The Grammy winner has put out a new music video for her song “Imperfections.” The video is filmed in black and white while it shows the singer wearing...
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Ariana Grande Joins James Corden For A Little Carpool Karaoke

James Corden and Ariana Grande can't get enough of each other this week. Not once, but twice the two hung out for a singing sesh.
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Celine Dion's Voice Makes Everything Better, Even The Deadpool 2 Trailer

Or is it the other way around? Does Deadpool make Celine Dion's new music video better?
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Celine Dion Manages To Keep Calm After Fan Rushes The Stage & Starts Humping Her Leg

Celine Dion is a Queen!
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