Leaning Tower of Dallas

Casino Ad Displayed On Side Of “Leaning Tower Of Dallas”

A casino decided to take advantage of the Leaning Tower of Dallas and proudly display an advertisement on the unlikely Dallas landmark.
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Billboard, Highway, SIdeway, Road

Single Man Places Dating Ad On Billboard To Find A Girlfriend

Tired of the modern dating scene, Mark Rofe decided to take a rather unusual approach in order to find a girlfriend: He bought a billboard.
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Golden Retriever, Dog, Field, Tongue

Man Buys Super Bowl Ad To Thank Veterinarians Who Saved His Dog From Cancer

Last year, David MacNeil's beloved dog Scout was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.
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Mr. Peanut, Planters, Peanuts, Costume, Posing, Peanut Mobile

After 104 Years , Planters Announces The Death Of Mr. Peanut

Planters peanuts confirmed the news from a pre-Super Bowl ad that yes, Mr. Peanut is dead.
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Peloton, Store, Scottsdale Fashion Square

Peloton Commercial Sparks Outrage After Accusations Of Sexism

Peloton has come under fire this past week for their latest commercial that has been deemed controversial and sexist.
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Christmas, Dinner, Decorations, Lights, Pretty, Table

Saddest Christmas Ad Ever Has Grandpa Fake His Own Death To Get Kids To Come To Dinner

A Christmas commercial in Germany is being called one of the greatest of all time.
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Joint Replacement

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, joint replacement surgery saw a tremendous increase starting a decade ago
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Blonde woman flags down taxi cab in New York City

Woman Pays For A Personal Ad In NYC Cabs To Find Herself A Boyfriend

You know those videos that play on the screen when you're in the back of a New York City cab? Ann Cutbill Lenane does, and she decided to put them to good use. The realtor bought advertising time so she could post a request for a boyfriend. In fact, the ad is called "A Man for Ann." She's since...
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Jeremy Renner Found A "Hawkeye" Poster On A Urinal Partition

How do you know when you've made it? Like really MADE it? Is it you first commercial? Your first TV show? How about a movie?
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People Are Loving Nike's New "Dream Crazier" Ad

On Sunday night, Nike unveiled a brand new ad during the Oscars. Voiced by tennis pro Serena Williams, this ad is 100% girl power! The ad invites women to "Dream Crazier".
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