Blonde woman flags down taxi cab in New York City

Woman Pays For A Personal Ad In NYC Cabs To Find Herself A Boyfriend

You know those videos that play on the screen when you're in the back of a New York City cab? Ann Cutbill Lenane does, and she decided to put them to good use. The realtor bought advertising time so she could post a request for a boyfriend. In fact, the ad is called "A Man for Ann." She's since...
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Jeremy Renner Found A "Hawkeye" Poster On A Urinal Partition

How do you know when you've made it? Like really MADE it? Is it you first commercial? Your first TV show? How about a movie?
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People Are Loving Nike's New "Dream Crazier" Ad

On Sunday night, Nike unveiled a brand new ad during the Oscars. Voiced by tennis pro Serena Williams, this ad is 100% girl power! The ad invites women to "Dream Crazier".
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Remember The Baby With Really Good Hair? She Just Got A Pantene Deal!

Just last year, baby Chanco went viral for her amazing hair. The kicker here is that she had these luxurious locks from the very start. She was born with a full head of hair, long, thick, and camera ready!
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The John Lewis Ad Wins Christmas With Elton John's First Piano

Every year the department store, John Lewis & Partners in the UK puts out one of the great Christmas ads of all time. Sometimes they'll make you laugh, but for the most part, they'll pull at your heartstring and make you cry.
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Black Graduation Caps, Ceremony, Students

Student Barred From Walking At Graduation After Trying To Sell School On Craigslist As Prank

Kylan Scheele thought for his senior prank, who would place an ad in the online marketplace Craigslist, advertising his high school was available for purchase.
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Fried Chicken

KFC Turns Fried Chicken Into Fiery Explosions For Hot & Spicy Chicken Ad

KFC Hong Kong wanted to promote its brand new Hot & Spicy Chicken. They may have created the greatest advertisement of all time.
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Here's How You Can View Facebook's Ad Profile of Yourself

Yes, you can see an ad profile of yourself that includes various demographic factors.
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Woman Seeks Missed Connection On Valentine's With 20-Foot Mural In New York

You have to commend her for her efforts!
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