Dog with painted nails on paw

New Insta-Trend Is Wearing Matching Nail Polish With Your Dog!

Just when we thought dogs weren't already living their best lives, we upped the ante. Trending on Instagram is the #pawdicure which is exactly what it sounds like pedicures on paws . Personally, I think it should be "pet-icure", but I don't make the rules. Regardless, I stumbled across this and...
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French Bulldog puppie wearing a bowtie

12-Year-Old Boy Makes Bow Ties For Shelter Animals So They'll Look Cute In Photos

This will warm your heart. A tween in New Jersey has decided to put his creativity to good use. 12-year-old Sir Darius Brown started his own company called Beaux and Paws to help shelter dogs get adopted. He was featured on the Today show where he explained how his handmade accessories contribute...
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