Woman, Girl, Hands, Arrested, Handcuffs, Jail

Viral Video Shows Woman Grinding On Police Officer During Arrest At Waffle House

Alabama graduate April Teale attended the Alabama, Tennessee football game when she got into a little trouble during some post-game activities.
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Bathroom, Stalls, Doors Open, Toilet, Restroom

Alabama High School Removes Doors From Bathroom Stalls To Discourage Students From Vaping

An Alabama high school has taken extreme measures to stop its students from vaping in their bathrooms.
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Red Squirrel, Tree, Looking, Close-Up

Police Find "Attack Squirrel" Fed Meth To Make It More Aggressive During Drug House Raid

Police in Alabama have arrested one man, and are on the lookout for another, after a raid of their apartment complex resulted in drugs, paraphernalia, and an illegal attack animal.
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Gas Station Competitor In Alabama Is Suing Buc-ee's!

You don't mess with Texas. And you dang sure don't mess with our Buc-ee's! Do you hear us Alabama???????
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William Shatner in 2016

William Shatner to Make Grand Ole Opry Debut

The 'Star Trek' actor conquers yet another new frontier
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