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Dallas' 'You're Hired Job Fest' is Thursday

If you or someone you know is looking for their next professional challenge, over 5000 jobs are available...
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6-Year-Old Girl Secretly Buys $350 Worth Of Toys On Amazon

6-year-old Katelyn Lunt spent an entire day doing extra chores around the house, so her mother decided to reward her with a Barbie doll ordered from Amazon.
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Amazon Prime

"Amazon Prime Day" Will Keep Thousands Busy Today In Texas

"Amazon Prime Day" will keep thousands of employees busy today in Texas.
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Beer and Wine

You Can Now Order Beer And Wine For Delivery Through Amazon Prime In North Texas!

Hey North Texas, today is a very special day!
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Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo Smart Speakers Are Coming To Hotel Rooms

Marriott has signed up to have Amazon install their Echo Smart Speakers in hotel rooms this Summer.
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Shipping container open

SEE: Amazon Selling Tiny Pre-Fab House

Have you given any thought to owning a getaway house?
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Amazon Delivery Guy Obeys Front Door Mat, Hides Package From The Husband In The Bushes

The best video ever.
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Here's How You Can Listen To Everything Amazon's Alexa Has Been Recording In Your Home

Technology is a funny thing. Everybody loves it until something bad it starts recording your conversations.
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Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Reportedly Records Family's Private Conversation And Sends It To Random Contact

Uh oh. Bad news for everyone with an Amazon Alexa device.
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Amazon and Other Companies Suspending Accounts Due To Too Many Returns

If you're making purchases from Amazon and other companies, and are often returning them, you may soon lose your ordering priviledge.
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