Black Lab, Dog, Puppy, Smiling, Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Officially Sworn In As State Attorney’s First Emotional Support Dog

Up until now, the Illinois State’s Attorney office did not have an emotional support dog.
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Purple Lobster, Lobster, Tank, Aquarium, Water

Maine Lobsterman Catches Extremely Rare Purple Lobster

They grow lobsters different in Maine.
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Goat, Stare, Funny

Goat Headbutts Woman Trying To Take A Selfie With It

Sometimes animals aren’t as psyched to grab a selfie with you as you are with it.
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Bobcat, Kitten, Tree, Limb, Stalk

Woman Who Rescued A Stray Kitten Actually Brought In A Wild Bobcat

Tennessee woman Jill Hicks was driving recently when she saw a kitten dart across the road.
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Angry Chimpanzee, Chimp, Teeth, Grass, Screaming

Texas Animal Shelter Warns About Loose Chimp Harassing People

An animal shelter in Sante Fe, Texas needs its residents to know about the ape on the loose.
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Cow, Field, Tongue, Nose, Close Up

Ring Camera Catches Cow Knocking On Door Of North Texas Home

A wandering cow was just looking for a home in Mansfield recently.
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Six-Year-Old Bitten By Coyote Upset He Didn’t Turn Into A Werewolf

A six-year-old boy in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada was attacked by a coyote at a festival at one of the city’s local parks.
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Champion Pigeon Sells For $1.42 Million At Auction

Armando is a champion-bred racing pigeon from Belgium.
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Siberian Husky Sniffs Out Owner’s Cancer Three Separate Times

Stephanie Herfel feels like she is a living miracle.
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Alligator, Profile, Mouth Open

Massive Alligator Spotted On Florida Golf Course

His name is Chubbs.
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