Pigeons, Town Square

Someone Keeps Putting Tiny Cowboys Hats On Pigeons In Las Vegas

It seems that a bit of the Lone Star State is infiltrating wildlife out west.
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Dogs, Cat, Corgis, British Longhair, Couch

Woman Manages To Get All 17 Dogs And Cats To Pose For A Photo

Kathy Smith was able to successfully wrangle all of her cats and dogs for a family photo.
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Dog, Smiling, Bowl, German Shepherd

Shelter Pets Served Full Thanksgiving Meals, Including Turkey, Yams, And Green Beans

All of the shelter dogs and cats at the New Hanover Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Unit ate pretty well Thanksgiving afternoon.
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Boars, Swine, Hogs, Cage

Feral Hogs Becoming A “Big Problem” In Texas After Woman Killed Outside Home

Texas has a real feral hog problem.
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Dog, Cage, Nose, Snoot

Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act Signed Into Law, Making Animal Cruelty Officially A Felony

Anima cruelty is officially a felony.
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Dog, Driving, Car, Tongue

Florida Dog Steals Owner’s Car, Puts It In Reverse And Drives Around For An Hour

A dog in Florida wanted to go for a ride, and was not willing to wait for his owner to do so.
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Cat, Rescue, Kitten, Shelter, Cage, Paw

Texas Cat Placed Into Solitary Confinement After Freeing Numerous Cats From Shelter

A cat at an animal shelter in Houston was recently places into solitary confinement.
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Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, MetLife Stadium, Field, Black Cat, Kitten, 2019

Cowboys Game Interrupted After Black Cat Runs Onto The Field

Last night, the Cowboys earned a hard-fought victory over the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.
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Cat, Attack, Bite, Teeth

Man Faces Prison After Attacking Police With Cat

A Moscow man is facing jail time after he attacked police officers with a cat.
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James Cromwell, Red Carpet, Premiere,Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, 2018

Actor James Cromwell Arrested While Protesting At Texas A&M

Academy Award nominee James Cromwell was arrested Thursday afternoon after participating in a protest at Texas A&M
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