Man, Cell Phone, Laptop, Computer

College student called in fake bomb threat because he didn't do his homework

21-year-old University of St. Thomas student Ray Ghansham Persaud called into the university's switchboard saying there was a bomb on campus and as a result, the school evacuated buildings, a child care center, and re-routed traffic in the area.
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Man robs pharmacy at gunpoint wearing full-body chipmunk costume

The robbery occured this past Saturday afternoon, and the chipmunk made off with an undisclosed amount of medications.
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Drunk driver who gave fake name to police recognized by officer he went to school with

A drunk driver in England found his way into a whole new level of trouble after he provided officers a false name upon being pulled over.
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Oklahoma Woman Leads Police On Chase After Claiming She Couldn't Stop Because She Had To Poop

The officer who pulled Emily Owings informed her that her license was SUSPENDED, which came as a total shock to her. An exchange followed where shetried to get off easy by telling the officer she had to use the restroom, AND that it was her birthday. Perfectly reasonable excuses to be driving...
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Bridge, Drawbridge, Blue Sky, Clouds, Open

Man Arrested After Trying To Jump Open Drawbridge In Car While High On Whippets

A 26-year-old man from Allen Park, just southwest of Detroit, was recently arrested after attempting to jump his car over an open drawbridge just as Bo and Luke Duke might have done!
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Police, Officer, Doughnut, Coffee, Pink Background

Home Invasion Suspects Arrested After Stopping At Doughnut Shop Where Officers Were Taking A Break

The old stereotype that police officers and doughnuts go hand-in-hand aided in the apprehension of three home invasion suspects in Chico, California.
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Police Helicopter, Sky, Flying, Tree Line

Police Helicopter Pilot Follows Burglary Suspects After Getting Alert On Ring Camera

A man was working overnight when he got an alert from his Ring camera about a disturbance in his property. Luckily, he was able to alert the authorities and keep a watchful eye on the three suspects, because this man's job happens to be as a POLICE HELICOPTER PILOT!
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Underwear, Panties, Thong, Clothespins, Clothesline

19-Year-Old Steals Thong That's Hanging To Dry Not Realizing It Belongs To A Dude

A 19-year-old in Japan stole what he thought was a woman's thong that was hanging to dry on the balcony of a ground floor apartment. He was in for a riude surprise.
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Table Saw, Saw, Wood Shavings

22-Year-Old Woman Sentenced To Prison After Cutting Off Own Hand To Collect Insurance Money

22-year-old Julija Adlesic was recently sentenced to two years in prison after trying to fraud her insurance company for a big payout, by CUTTING OFF HER OWN HAND.
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Vienna Sausage, Canned, Can, Knackwurst

Kentucky Man Arrested After Stealing Police Dog After Luring Him Out Of Backyard With Vienna Sausages

26-year-old Brandon Harmon of Smithfield, Kentucky was recently arrested for stealing a police dog from an officer's yard.
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