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Woman Arrested After Throwing Glitter Bomb At Police Car Following A Chase

A 42-year-old homeless woman was arrested in Santa Rosa, California after she "showered" officers and their patrol cars driving by on Highway 101 with a glitter bomb.
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Man Breaks Into Bank, Tells Police He Was Just Trying To Heat Up His Hot Pockets

A man in San Diego broke into a Wells Fargo bank early Wednesday morning, but he wasn't looking to grab any cash. No, he specifically broke into the bank just so he could heat up his Hot Pockets in the microwave.
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Barking Dogs Wake Up Florida Man Who Finds Naked Man Asleep In His Kitchen

A Florida man woke up to his dogs barking and upon investigation, found a 32-year-old Jesse Ramon Conover in his kitchen, completely naked.
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Man, Shower, Wet Legs

Police Arrest Home Intruder After They Find Him Taking A Shower In Stranger's Home

Pennsylvania State Police were called to a neighborhood in Heidelberg Township, where a man had reportedly broken into a home, where officers found him locked in the homeowner's bathroom taking a shower.
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Man, Arrested, Handcuffs, Hands

Man Steals Mom's Car, Gets High, Runs Naked Into A Church, Gets Into A Fight, All On Mother's Day

Thomas Bouchard of Skowhegan, Maine had an eventful day recently, where he got high, naked, stole his mom's car, got into a high-speed chase with the police that ended with him running into a church naked, which led to fight with the officers afterwhich he was arrested, and he did this ALL on...
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Man Wearing "Drug Free" Shirt Arrested On Drug Charges

Ronald Joseph Gallagher was arrested on an array of charges, including marijuana possession, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct, all while wearing a shirt that proudly reads "Drug Free."
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Ohio Woman Calls 911 Saying Her "Junk" Is On Fire And Needs A Firefighter To Put It Out "With His Hose"

50-year-old Katrina Morgan was arrested after calling 911, because her "junk" was on fire, and she needed a firefighter to "use his hose" to put it out.†
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Man Arrested After Accidentally Depositing Two Bags Of Cocaine At The Bank

34-year-old David Pangallo was trying to make a deposit at the bank when he sent something other than money through the air tubes in the drive-thru, two bags of cocaine.
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Man Sets Dozens Of Fires Using Used Underwear Stolen From Laundromats

A 43-year-old Wisconsin man admitted to police that over the last 18 months, he set dozens of fires using stolen women's underwear as the accelerant.
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Florida Man Arrested For Calling 911 Asking Police For Liquor And Ice Cream

A Florida man was arrested after twice calling 911 requesting police to pick him up some liquor and booze because he didn't want to get up out of his recliner.
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