Christmas, Lights, House, Street

Nonverbal Teen With Autism Speaks For First Time After Visiting Christmas Lights Display

Marisabel Figueroa was told her daughter Kaitlyn would never speak.
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Maid, Janitor, Custodian, Mop Bucket

Texas Custodian Comforts Student With Autism Who Had Rough Morning

Hollie Bellew-Shaw’s daughter Kenlee has autism, and was having a rather rough morning at Passmore Elementary in Alvin.
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Snow White, Disneyland, Shanghai, 2016

Disney World Snow White Helps Calm Boy With Autism Waiting In Line

Lauren Bergner knew it could be a rough day at Disney World with her six-year-old son.
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Santa Claus, Child, Reading, Christmas Eve

Fort Worth Santa Crawls On Floor So Blind And Autistic Boy Can “See” Him For The First Time

A Euless mother took her son to Fort Worth a couple of weeks ago for a visit with the real Santa.
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Awesome Parents Let Their Autistic Son Wear A T-Rex Costume In The Family Photos Becaue He Hates Having His Picture Taken

Odds are you know someone with autism. While there is a clinical definition and clearly defined symptoms for autism, each individual case is completely different.
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Teen With Autism Gives Incredible Speech

Mostly Non-Verbal Teen With Autism Gives Incredible Speech At Plano Senior High School Graduation

The graduation ceremony was the first time many seniors at Plano Senior High School heard classmate Sef Scott speak.
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Student With Autism Nails Guitar Performance

Student With Autism Performs The Star Spangled Banner On Guitar And Nails It

It was a standing ovation at a pep rally in Phoenix when a student with autism took the spotlight for the first time.
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