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Woman Gives Birth In Laundry Room By Candlelight During North Texas Tornado

The Bump Birthing Center in Rowlett couldn’t wait for Sunday’s tornado to pass before delivering newborns into the world.
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Identical Twin Babies Delivered By Identical Twin Nurses At Georgia Hospital

Soon-to-be father Brannon Williams was understandably nervous when he and his wife Rebecca waited in the delivery room.
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Blame The Millennials, Avocado Is The Number One Selling Halloween Costume For Babies

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you have a little one crawling around that needs a costume, we have just the list for you!
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Airline Introduces Baby Map So Passengers Can Avoid Screaming Infants

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who enjoys sitting next to a screaming baby on a plane.
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Man Spends $200 To Ship Dirt Internationally To Make Sure His Baby Is Born Over Texas Soil

Tony Traconi is a Texan currently stationed in Italy for military duty.
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Newborn Gives Dad Middle Finger As He Tries To Sing Her A Lullaby

A mother and father just welcomed their brand new baby girl to the world.
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Gender Reveal Party Ends In Disaster After Car Bursts Into Blue Flames

A gender reveal party in Australia didn’t go exactly as the soon-to-be parents planned.
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Rocker Baby Flashes Rock And Roll Hand Sign In Sonogram Photo

Jodie Lee and Davie Langham knew their baby would be a rock star from one of her earliest pictures.
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Parents Name Newborn “Google” Hoping He Will Become Just As Useful As The Website

When Ella Karin was seven months pregnant with her second child, her husband Andi Cahya Saputra was inspired to name the child after some form of technology.
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Kim Kardashian Shares The First Pic Of Baby Psalm

Psalm West in finally on Instagram!!! Ok, ok, he won't exactly be posting selfies any time soon, it's all via his famous momma, Kim Kardashian.
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