Video Of A Flight Attendant Introducing An Infant To Fellow Passengers Goes Viral

Video of a flight attendant introducing a baby to all the other passengers on board a plane is the cutest thing you’ll see all day.
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Adorable Babbling Baby Has A Full On Convo With His Dad

WARNING! Cuteness overload!!!
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Snooki Just Gave Birth To Baby #3

Our lil Snooki from the Jersey Shore is all grown up!
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There's A New Baby Hippo At The Dallas Zoo!

New babies are popping up everywhere in DFW! First the Fort Worth Zoo and their new baby giraffe. Now, the Dallas Zoo has a new baby hippo to love on!
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Crab Takes Up Residence Inside A Broken Doll Head, Crawls Around Creeping EVERYONE Out!

Dolls are just downright creepy. Especially the old school porcelain dolls with the eyes that follow you around the room. God help you if your mother or grandmother currently has a room filled them!!!
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Someone Put A Baby Filter Over The Entire Cast Of The Office

The Office is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. While the British version is funny, the U.S. really got on board with Steve Carell as Michael Scott and the rest of the American cast.
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Surprise! There's A New Baby Giraffe At The Fort Worth Zoo

We have a new celebrity baby and it's right here in DFW!
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Baby Archie Is Named After A Cat!

Archie??? Where the heck did that come from? It's not a family name, so...
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Jessica Simpson, baby

Jessica Simpson Shares First Family Photo With 4-Week-Old Birdie Mae

It’s a family affair! Jessica Simpson celebrated Easter by sharing the first family photo with newborn daughter Birdie Mae. In the photo, the 38-year-old holds her four-week-old bundle of joy surrounded by husband Eric Johnson, five-year-old son Ace and six-year-old daughter Maxwell. Happy Easter...
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Dallas Man Wins A Masters Bet With His Wife, Gets To Name His Baby Tiger

What's the most important part of having a baby? Of course health, but what about the name!?!?! It really sets the tone for your baby's entire life. Also, probably not something you wanna make a bet on.
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