Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Are NOT Preggers

Sorry folks, there's no baby Biebs on the way.
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Big Brother Literally Drops Baby Sister As Soon As He Hears The Diaper Gurgle

Big brothers can be so least until things get real.
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Baby Falls Asleep on Guitar That Her Dad is Playing

Prepare for cuteness overload!
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Joanna Gaines Snuck Into A Barnes & Noble And Secretly Signed A Bunch Of Random Copies Of Her New Book

Just when you thought you couldn't love Joanna Gaines any more...she goes a signs a bunch of copies of her latest book as a surprise to buyers.
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The Twins From From "Friends", Who Played Ross & Rachel's Baby, Are Also The Scary, Murderous Twins In "Us"

Baby Emma from Friends is all grown up! And in a new movie!
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Baby Girl Adorabley Reacts To Her First Pair Glasses

There's nothing cuter than a chunky cheeked baby! Add glasses and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuteness overload!
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Jessica Simpson Gives Birth To Baby Birdie!

If you had March 19th, 2019 in the baby betting WIN!!!
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April The Giraffe Gave Birth To A Baby Boy

April the giraffe gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday morning.
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Is John Stamos Trying To Cheer Up "Fuller House" Fans With His Smiling Baby After The Lori Loughlin Scandal?

Since the Lori Loughlin scandal broke, the cast of "Fuller House" has been pretty quiet across social media. No one has come to her defense. No one has called her out. It's just been silent...until now.
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Moms Rule! Especially This One, Who Still Has To Study For A Psych Test In Her Hospital Bed

And mom of the year goes to...
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