This Big Sister Is NOT Happy About Her New Little Brother

Not all big brothers and sisters are happy about their new job. Sometimes there might be a bit of jealousy when a new baby enters the picture. Think about it, that only child syndrome suddenly disappears. It's not all about you anymore.
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How Cute Is This Baby Desperately Trying To Get A Bite Of Mom's Burrito?!?!?!?

Ok parents, when should you let your baby start eating solid foods?
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Joanna Gaines Shares A Pic Of Baby Crew & His 2 New Front Teeth

Baby Crew is getting so big!
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Remember Ross & Rachel's Baby From Friends? She's Actually Twins & 16-Years-Old!

What! No way! It's been 16 years since Ross and Rachel had a baby!!!
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Remember The Baby With Really Good Hair? She Just Got A Pantene Deal!

Just last year, baby Chanco went viral for her amazing hair. The kicker here is that she had these luxurious locks from the very start. She was born with a full head of hair, long, thick, and camera ready!
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Pippa Middleton Is Showing Off The Abs Just 10 Weeks After Having A Baby

No fair! No fair! NO FAIR!!!! Those Middletons bounce back crazy fast after giving birth.
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Topanga From Boy Meets World Is Pregnant!

OMG! Corey and Topanga are finally having a baby in real life!!!! Ok, not really, just the actress from Boy meets World, Danielle Fishel and her husband Jensen Karp are expecting their first baby in July!
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Mother, Cow, Baby, Calf, Corn Field

Cow That Escaped Truck Heading To Slaughterhouse Gives Birth At Animal Sanctuary Two Days Later

Briana the cow jumped off a truck on Route 80 in New Jersey as it was heading to a slaughterhouse.
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New Born Weighs 14 Pounds 13 Ounces Sets Record At Arlington Hospital

A baby born on December 12th set a new weight record at a hospital in Arlington, Texas.
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Salt-N-Pepa, I Love The 90s, Concert, 2017

Family Sings Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” Before Pregnant Woman Goes Into Labor

Jadie Phelps was laying in her hospital bed waiting for her soon-to-be newborn daughter Alaya to arrive.
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