Swimming Pool, Ladder, Private Chalet, Backyard, House

"Airbnb For Swimming Pools" Will Let You Rent Out Local, Backyard Swimming Pools

If you're still looking for some fun in the sun, a new service will let you rent out local, backyard swimming pools, with what's being called "airbnb for swimming pools."
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Treehouse, Wood, Tree, Lawn, Garden

Texas Emergency Room Doctor Self-Isolates In Kids' Treehouse

In order to protect his family from contracting the Coronavirus, emergency room physician Dr. Jason Barnes has taken to self-isolating in a unique spot in his family's Corpus Christi home: his kids' treehouse.
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Christmas Tree, Trash, Street, Garbage Bag

Don't Just Throw Your Christmas Tree Away, Here's How To Give It A Second Life!

Christmas is so very close, so we can imagine how beautiful all those trees are looking.
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Why Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Chasing Around His Mini Horse On A Bike?

Arnold Schwarzenegger might have been a cowboy in another life. Or perhaps he's channeling his future son-in-law Chris Pratt, who's been living the farm life lately.
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Man Finds 11-Foot Alligator in His Backyard

A trapper was eventually able to remove it after a brief struggle.
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