Is This Grandma’s Carpeted Bathroom Just Wrong?

Just when you thought it was safe to use the toilet! A woman, who was shocked and awed to find her grandmother-in-law's home had a wall-to-wall carpeted bathroom, turned to the Internet to ask if it’s hygienic, reported the Daily Mail. The woman shared an image of the room in question to Reddit...
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Gas Buddy Once Again Votes Buc-ee's As The Best Bathrooms In Texas

Whether you're from Texas, recently moved here, or just passing know about Buc-ee's. It's the greatest place on Earth. And it's not just because of their beaver nuggets. The real draw are those gloriously clean bathrooms!
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This Is The Greatest & Most Accurate Review Of Buc-ee's!!!

Buc-ee's is the happiest place in Texas! Yes, it's gas station, but it so much more than that. It's a one stop shop for anything and everything Texas. Plus, you get beef jerky, delicious homemade sandwiches and BBQ, beaver nuggets, and the best bathrooms on Earth!
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Florida Wins Best Billboard EVER, 797 Miles To Buc-ee's

Buc-ee's is home to beaver nuggets, jerky, and the best bathrooms in Texas. So why on Earth would there be a Buc-ee's billboard in Florida?
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Gas Station

Buc-ee's Heads To Court, Claims San Antonio Company Copied Logo

Every Texan's favorite restroom will soon be heading to court.
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Collin County Is Getting A Buc-ee's

Good news! The cleanest bathrooms on Earth are headed to Melissa, Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!
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