Alligator, Sand, Beach, Water, Resting

Large Alligator Sunbathes On Texas Beach Before Taking A Dip In The Water

It’s hot again, and every creature big and small is doing everything they can to beat the heat.
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Car, Buried, Sand, Beach, Black and White

Tropical Storm Barry Completely Buries Car In Sand On Alabama Beach

Though Barry has been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, there is still no doubt it can cause some serious damage.
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Ocean, Lake, Beach, Water, Closed, Warning, Sign, Beach Closed, No Swimming

Every Beach Along Mississippi's Gulf Coast Is Closed Due To Toxic Algae

Those heading out to the beaches along Mississippi's Gulf Coast might want to turn that car around.
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Crab Takes Up Residence Inside A Broken Doll Head, Crawls Around Creeping EVERYONE Out!

Dolls are just downright creepy. Especially the old school porcelain dolls with the eyes that follow you around the room. God help you if your mother or grandmother currently has a room filled them!!!
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Check Out JLo & ARod's Engagement Pics! Yes, He Got Down One Knee

Congrats to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who got engaged over the weekend!
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JLo Hires Joanna Gaines To Fix Up Her Malibu Home

Friendship alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JLo and Joanna Gaines are hanging out! And by hanging out, we really mean working together.
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Fallen War Heroes Honored On Veteran's Day By Etching Their Faces In The Sand On Beaches Across The Globe

Sunday, November 11th, 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of World War I. Each and every year, we dedicate this one day, Veteran's Day, to honor those who served on behalf of this country.
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Mysterious Furry Sea Monster Washes Up Onto The Beach

Ok. We have no idea what this is. We don't think we've ever seen anything like this before.
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Woman's Sexy Beach Run Goes Horribly Wrong

It's that time of year where EVERYONE seems to be on vacation but you. All your social media feeds are filled with beach pics and tropical drinks. It's just not fair when you're stuck at work.
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True Story! There's Clear Blue Water In Galveston!

Stop whatever you're doing and look...we have blue water in Galveston.
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