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CDC Warns That Certain Styles Of Facial Hair Make You Susceptible To The Coronavirus

The CDC and the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health have issued a handy guide for all the fellas out there, explaining which types of facial hair will be more effective in the fight against Coronavirus.
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Photoshopped Beardy Ted Cruz On Wolverine's Body Goes Viral

If Ted Cruz ever decides to run for president again, we've found his campaign poster!
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Don't Forget The Christmas Lights...For Your Beard!

Forget the ugly Christmas sweater. This Christmas is all about our beardy friends!
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People Are Freaking Out Over #BeardedMenLookingUp Selfies

The internet is a beautifully weird and wonderful place. Today's latest trend...#BeardedMenLookingUp.
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Photo of Barack Obama With A Beard Is Going Viral!

Ever wondered what former President Barack Obama would look like with a beard?
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