Check Out The Best Memes About The Whataburger/Chicago Sale

It's been a rough couple of weeks for the great state of Texas. Our beloved Whataburger, which is a treasure and a state institution was sold off to a company in Chicago. It's just wrong on every level.
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Gas Buddy Once Again Votes Buc-ee's As The Best Bathrooms In Texas

Whether you're from Texas, recently moved here, or just passing know about Buc-ee's. It's the greatest place on Earth. And it's not just because of their beaver nuggets. The real draw are those gloriously clean bathrooms!
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Move Over West, Fort Worth's Pearl Snap Kolaches Wins Best In Texas

Oh no! A Texas kolache staple has been dethroned!
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Taco Bell Was Officially Named Best Mexican Restaurant In The Country

Well, it turns out that people REALLY like Taco Bell.
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Texas Is Home To 5 Of The Best Burritos In The Country

A list of the best burritos in the country has come out and not a single one of them are here in North Texas.
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John Travolta And Kelly Preston

John Travolta Reveals Working With Fred Durst As Best Time Working With A Director Ever

John Travolta has been around a long time and worked with some pretty famous and note worthy directors, but apparently none of them compare to the experience he had working with Fred Durst.
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The Best Of The Best Super Bowl LII Commercials

So there was some kind of big game on TV last night? Ok, ok, we know it was the Super Bowl, but when the Cowboys aren't in it, who cares!
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Buc-Ee's Named Number 1 Gas Station In The Nation

A recent study showed that Buc-ee’s is the best gas station in the United States.
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