Great White, Shark, Attack, Teeth, Ocean

Boat From "Jaws" Being Rebuilt In Order To Study Sharks

The "Orca," the boat used to hunt the great white shark in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is being rebuilt from scratch, though this time, to study marine life, rather than hunt it.
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Naya Rivera, Red Carpet, Judy, 2019

"Glee" Star Naya Rivera Missing, Feared Drowned, After Son Found Alone On Boat

Glee star Naya Rivera has gone missing, after a boating accident while out on Lake Piru with her son Wednesday evening.
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Yacht, Luxury, Ocean, Boat, Sea, Water, Blue Sky

Florida Man Steals $1 Million Yacht, Crashes And Abandons It

A 28-year-old Florida man was recently arrested, after he stole a $1 million yacht, crashed it, and then ABANDONED it as it drifted into an ouyster bay.
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Man Makes 14-Hour Boat Trip to Costco Every Week to Supply His Small City With Food

Whatever it takes to get groceries at Costco. An Alaskan man makes a weekly 14-hour boat trip to the major supermarket to supply his small city.
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Leonardo DiCaprio, Speaking, 2019 Global Citizen Festival,

Leonardo DiCaprio Rescues Stranger Who Fell Overboard During Boat Trip Near St. Barts

Leonardo DiCaprio was spending the end of 2019 on a bot near St. Barts with new beau, Camila Morrone.
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Pumpkin, Large, Halloween, Fall, Field, Display

Man Carves Gigantic Pumpkin Into A Boat

Justin Ownby is a farmer from Cleveland, Tennessee.
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Coast Guard, Ship, Storm, Ocean

Crazy Video Shows US Coast Guard Boarding A Homemade Submarine Smuggling Drugs

Last month, the US Coast Guard caught up to a "homemade" submarine thought to be smuggling drugs.
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Lit, Match, Fire, Smoke

Man Injured In Boat Explosion After Checking For Gas Leak With A Lit Match

A 60-year-old in New Zealand was seriously injured after his boat exploded while he was inspecting a potential gas leak.
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