Tattoo Gun, Ink, Refill

Man Tattoos Entire Body Blue In Order To "Feel More Confident"

For years, a former forklift driver in Canada spent years feeling "trapped by conformity" and a “lack of confidence." So to overcome these feelings, he decided to tattoo every inch of his possible a beautiful shade of blue.
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Casket, Coffin, Hearse, Trunk Open

Stolen Hearse With A Body Inside Leads Police On Massive Chase Through Los Angeles

Los Angeles Police were led on a wild chase through rush hour traffic, in pursuit of a stolen hearse that had a body inside of it.
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Wine, Coffee, Cafe, Crowded Street

Alcohol And Coffee The Key To A Longer Life, Study Finds

Now, we've been saying this for years, but apparently, researchers at UC Irvine have found that the key to longer life might be as simple as a little bit of alcohol, and a little but of coffee.
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Dallas' Own Angie Harmon Shows Off Her Hot 46-Year-Old Bikini Bod While On Vacation

Actress and Dallas' own Angie Harmon isn't letting another year get her down. In fact, she's looking better than ever at 46-years-old. On August 10th, Angie celebrated her birthday which included a "Brady Bunch" style vacation with her family and her boyfriend Greg Vaughan's family. Like anyone...
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Texas Woman Thought To Be Dead Was Actually Taking A Nap In A Canal To Beat The Heat

The Texas heat claims another victim...sort of. At least that's what authorities thought after trying to fish a live body out of a canal.
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Couple Dancing

Researchers Discover What Women Find Most Physically Attractive In Men

Ok, fellas. Pay attention.
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Mark Cosuelos Posts A Super Sexy Pic Of Kelly Ripa In A Bikini

Kelly Ripa just broke the internet with the help of her husband Mark Consuelos and a set of rock-hard abs.
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