Wanna Drink While Shopping? Willow Bend Mall Is Now Offering Alcohol!

Drunk shopping is the best kind of shopping!!!!!!!
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Disneyland To Sell Liquor For First Time In 63-Year History!

Mom and Dad, we've got some news that'll make this upcoming chaotic vacation to Disneyland just a little more bearable!
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Can You Guess The Most Popular Cocktail In Texas? Hint: It's Tequila-Based!

Sometimes, there's nothing better than winding down these incredibly hot summer days with a nice, cool cocktail.
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Hard Liquor May Be Coming To A Texas Walmart & Costco Near You

U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman just laid the smackdown on Texas liquor laws. Assuming the ruling can hold up against appeals, hard liquor could be sold at any Texas Walmart, Costco, or any other publicly traded business in the near future.
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