Dallas Police

Sleeping Dallas Woman Finds Herself Naked In Bed With Intruder

Now, here comes the even cRaZiEr part!
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Thief caught red-handed.

VIDEO: Arlington Police Need Your Help Identifying This Burglar Caught On Camera

... on Friday March 1st, around 9 p.m., home security captured footage of a burglar at the 100 block of East Lynn Creek Drive in Arlington, rummaging through and stealing multiple items from inside a resident's home.
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Miley Cyrus

Thieves Steal Miley Cyrus' Guitars!

In addition to losing her Malibu, CA home to last month's Woolsey wildfire, Miley Cyrus is now having to deal... with theft. TMZ has learned thieves broke into Miley's San Fernando, CA storage unit, stealing $10,000 in guitars. At first, Miley thought family may have borrowed them, but learned...
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Pensacola Florida

Drunk Guy Goes Door-To-Door Looking For A Fight in "Florida: The Second Chance State - Take 68"

32-year-old resident Christopher Doyle Norman wanted to take his shirt off and get hammered at his trailer park last Tuesday night. Those wishes came true.
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Mr. Feeny From Boy Meets World Stops A Burglary At His House

Don't mess with Mr. Feeny!
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David Schwimmer Clears His Name Of Beer Burglary Accusations With Video Footage Of Himself Robbing A Different Store

On Wednesday, Ross from Friends was under attack by internet trolls. Long story short, the world thought David Schwimmer was responsible for burglarizing a restaurant in the UK after a still shot of a man holding onto a case of beer went viral.
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Security Camera

Robber Stops Mid-Burglary To Bust Out Some Dance Moves

CCTVs at a business in Fresno, CA. that was burglarized, caught something quite odd. While the establishment was being robbed, the theif decided to stop and take a dance break to celebrate his success.
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Girl Breaks Into Home And Beats Up Boyfriend For Breaking Up With Her In A Text

A woman has been accused of breaking into the home of her ex-boyfriend and attacking him for breaking up with her through text message.
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