Cameras Capture Giant Snake Ringing Doorbell Of Texas Home

It appears that the snakes are trying to beat the Texas heat, too. A family in Converse, TX received a notification in the middle of the night from their Ring Camera that there was activity at their front door. Upon checking the footage, they noticed a gigantic snake had slithered up the wall, and...
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Man Wearing Tiny Panties Caught On Ring Camera In Wylie

Can we all agree that the Ring doorbell is the greatest thing to ever come out of Shark Tank? Why? We have an endless supply of viral videos. We've seen everything from stealing packages to a dude licking a doorbell for three hours.
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Family Photo Gone Right, Includes The Perfect Doggie Photobomb

One of the greatest inventions of all time is the camera timer. Especially now with the upgrades, where it can take multiple photos in a row. It's perfect to snag that family photo AND get everyone in it! Even the dog.
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Helicopter Catches Someone Playing Mario Kart On The Royals Jumbotron

Baseball season doesn't technically start until March 29th. So as you can imagine, there's probably not a whole lot going on inside the actual stadium itself. However, Kauffman Stadium, home to the Kansas City Royals, seems to be a hotbed of Mario Kart.
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Cardboard Box, Package, Porch, Front Door

Woman Chases Porch Pirate Down The Street And Shames Her Into Giving Back Stolen Package

We all saw the amazing Glitter Bomb that caught unsuspecting package thieves off guard, but it appears this method works just as well.
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Dog Owner Set Up A Camera To See How Their Pet Keeps Escaping

A dog owner was trying to figure out how their pet kept escaping from their coral.
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Sometimes Taylor Swift Travels Inside A Giant Suitcase To Avoid The Paparazzi

Man, celebrities will do anything to avoid getting their picture taken.
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Destroyed Camera

Camera Melts After Nasa Launches SpaceX Rocket

The camera was engulfed in flames, but the memory card was still in tact and captured the cameras unfortunate end.
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Plano Motorcyclist Catches Close-Call Wreck on Camera

The wreck happened on Custer Road and McDermott Drive in Plano over the weekend.
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Dad Films Daughter's First Time Driving, She Promptly Hits The Garage Door

Is it possible dad and his camera were more of a distraction than a helpful instructional voice in this scenario?
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