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Texas Couple Buys Waitress Walking 14 Miles To Work A New Car

Adrianna Edwards works at a Denny's in Galveston. It takes her about five hours to get to work, however, as she walks the full seven miles from her apartment to the restaurant. She explained, "I have bills to pay. I've got to eat. You've got to do what you've got to do." When a couple heard of...
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Woman Destroys Car Trying To Cut In Line For Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

What would you do for a Popeyes chicken sandwich?
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Elon Musk Reveals Teslas Will Soon Make Fart And Animal Noises

Teslas are already at the peak of automobile innovation, and Musk as no plans to cease that trend any time soon.
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Dry Shampoo Can Explodes In Car, Shatters Sunroof, And Lands 50 Feet Away

A word of caution to any motorist out there, it’s probably best to not leave that can of dry shampoo in your car.
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Driver Caught Going 110mph Claims He Needed To Take A “Number Two”

A man in England was stopped by an undercover police officer driving 110 miles per hour
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Driver Filmed Sleeping While Tesla Speeds Down Highway On Autopilot

You'll never know what you see when you're racing down a busy highway in rush hour traffic.
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Man Holding Signs Asking To Merge Unlocks The Greatest Driving Hack Of All Time

A man in Los Angeles may have just come up with the most genius driving hack of all time.
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Man Pushes New BMW He Received For His Birthday Into The River Because It Wasn't A Jaguar

A man in India was fortunate enough to be gifted a brand new BMW from his parents for his 22nd birthday.
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Man Creates Art Out Of The Weirdest Intersections In Dallas

Driving in Dallas can be frustrating.
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"Ecto-1" Spotted In Canada As "Ghostbusters" Sequel Begins Filming

The Ghostbusters are back!
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