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Should This Husband Be Upset His Wife Has A Secret Bank Account Worth $25,000?

The couple has been married four years, but the husband recently discovered that his wife had been secretly putting 10% of her income into a savings account he had no idea about.
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Google Maps Street View Helps Husband Catch His Wife Having An Affair

A man in Peru was checking out images of the capital Lima on Google Maps' Street View feature when he made a very startling discover, his wife, getting very relaxed with another man on one of Lima's public benches.
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Woman Arrested After Coming Home To Find Husband In Bed With Another Woman

A 29-year-old Florida woman went into a rampage resulting in her arrest, after she came home to find her husband in bed with another woman.
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Man Tells Wife He Caught Chlamydia On A Business Trip From Wearing A Face Mask

A man in South Carolina explained to his wife that he caught chlamydia on a recent business trip because he was forced to wear a face mask.
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Brewing Company Unveils New "Trash Can Bangers" Beer Inspired By The Astros

Inspired by the Houston Astros' cheating scandal during the 2017 and 2018 seasons, a New Jersey Brewery has unveiled their new "Trash Can Bangers" beer, whose can design is remarkably similar to the team's uniforms.
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Virtual Cheating Has Increased During Coronavirus Pandemic

Have you thought about cheating on your partner while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic? Virtual cheating has actually increased during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Two Men Face Five Years In Prison For "Catching" Pre-Caught Fish In A Bass Tournament

Two men in Utah were caught cheating in a fishing tournament, after officials noted their fishes looked completely different than the others, and found they were pre-caught in a different lake before the tournament began.
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The Majority Of Americans Are Willing To Cheat On Their Partner…With Food

In a new survey, 71% of Americans have admitted to cheating on their significant other…with food.
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Bride Shown Video Of Her Cheating With Pregnant Sister's Husband At Own Wedding Reception

It doesn't appear this new couple will last very long.
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Garland, Plano, And Arlington All Rank Highly on National Infidelity List

Recently, shared a list of the Top 20 Cities in America to have high infidelity rates . Turns out three of those 20 are right here in our metroplex. Garland came in 13th. Plano was 15th. Arlington rounded out the list at 20th. Interestingly enough, neither Dallas nor Fort Worth...
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