5 Ways to Get Free Guac on National Avocado Day 2019

Today is National Avocado Day. At a time when avocados are at risk of going extinct and more expensive than ever, July 31 is as crucial to raise awareness as it is an excuse to eat guac. But it's still a really great excuse to eat guac. Especially if it's free. These establishments are leading the...
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Chipotle Dishes Out More Drive-Thru Lanes

Chipotle is trying out more drive-thru lanes. You have to order online but then you can pick up your tasty treat and stay in your car.
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Man Eating

Man Eats Chipotle 500 Days In A Row

An Ohio man just finished something most diehard Chipotle fans can only dream about, 500 straight days of Chipotle.
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Man Named Bruce Wayne Sets Record For Eating At Chipotle 426 Days In A Row

No matter how much you love Chipotle, there is no way you are as dedicated a fan as Bruce Wayne.
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