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5-Year-Old Brings Entire Kindergarten Class To Witness His Adoption

There was "not a dry eye" in Judge Patricia D. Gardner's courtroom when Michael Clark Jr. was welcomed into a new family.
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University To Offer “Adulting” Classes For Students To Learn Life Skills

Many college students have yet to master many basic life skills, and one university wants to change that.
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Dallas ISD Teacher Surprised With “Oscars Of Teaching” Award And $25,000 Check

Susan Moreno is a middle school teacher at J.L. Long Middle School for the Dallas Independent School District.
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Students Forced To Wear Cardboard Boxes To Prevent Cheating During Exams

During a chemistry exam at the Bhagat Pre-University College in Haveri, Karnataka, teachers used an interesting method to make sure their students didn’t cheat.
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Mom Sits In On Son’s Math Class After He Kept Misbehaving

Becky Crandley was tired of hearing about her son misbehaving in school.
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Round Rock ISD High School Offering “Adulting 101” Class To Teach Basic Life Skills

Round Rock ISD’s Cedar Ridge High School wants to make sure its students receive an education that will extend outside the classroom.
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Teacher Tells Students They Can Bring Fruit To Class, So One Kid Brought A Whole Watermelon

Think back to your junior high days. Every teacher was different with the rules.
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Substitute Teacher Accidentally Plays Pornography For 30 Seconds During History Class

A substitute teacher in Dearborn, Michigan was just trying to show his seventh-grade history class a video about Lewis and Clark.
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Texas Senate Unanimously Approves Bill Issuing $5,000 Raises For All Texas Teachers

Senate Bill 3 received a unanimous vote from the Texas Senate earlier this week, which will issue $5,000 raises annually for all teachers in the Lone Star State.
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Sleepy 4-Year-Old Thinks This Plastic Chair Is His Backpack

Nothing good ever happens when you fall asleep in class. There's a lot of different things that could happen. You could fall out of your chair...the teacher could embarrass you in front of the entire could leave behind a giant pool of drool on your desk.
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