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Viral Video Shows High School Coach Disarming Potential Shooter With An Embrace

Last May, at Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon, football coach and security guard Keanon Lowe stopped a potential shooter on campus who was wielding a shotgun.
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Youth Football Coach Fined $500 After Team's Blowout Win

Kyle Williams, head coach of the Conshohocken Golden Bears, is facing a $500 fine and suspension from his youth football league in Philadelphia.
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Parents Are Now Hiring Coaches To Teach Their Kids To Limit Their Screen Time

Finally, it's come to this.
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Company Charges Parents $7,500 To Coach Their Babies To A Better Night’s Sleep

Babies cry, but it’s probably always a shocker to new parents just how MUCH babies cry.
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5 Boys Have Been Rescued From Thailand Cave

UPDATE: 8 boys have now been rescued . Thank you Lord another boy has been rescued! As of early this morning or mid afternoon in Thailand, rescuers have pulled one more boy out of the cave , bringing the total to 5 boys rescued. According to former Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn, most...
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Kid Playing Baseball

Coach Told His Player To Run Home As Fast As He Could. He Did The Exact Opposite! (Hilarious Video)

He even shrugged away his coach after he walked over to try and hurry him along!
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