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Starbucks Baristas Claim Viral TikTok Trend Will Get Them Fired

Starbucks employees warned patrons NOT to post images or videos of their receipts on TikTok. Apparently, on every receipt, an employee ID number, also known as a Starbucks partner number, is printed at the top.
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Einstein Bros. Bagels Is Giving Away Free Coffee This Sunday

Einstein Bros. Bagels Is Giving Away Free Coffee This Sunday. In honor of #NationalWorkaholicsDay, you can get some free joe on July 5th.
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Man Saves Kittens Frozen To Ground By Pouring Coffee On Their Tails

A man in Canada found three small kittens frozen to the cold, winter ground, and the only thing he had to rescue them with was a warm cup of coffee.
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Starbucks, Cup, Coffee, Restaurant, Counter

Starbucks Giving Away Free Coffee Through The End Of The Year

Starbucks knows the best way to close out 2019: free coffee!
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Study Finds Buc-ee’s Has The Highest Rated Coffee In The United States

Along with its stellar bathrooms and Beaver Nuggets, Buc-ee’s is becoming nationally known for its coffee.
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Sorry Folks! Bikini Baristas Have Been Told To Cover Up By A Court Of Law

YOU BE THE JUDGE! Should Bikini Baristas be able to continue serving you a latte?
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Hugh Jackman Handed Out Free Coffee In Boston To Promote His Brand

This week, ''X-Men" star Hugh Jackman was seen in Boston handing out free coffee.
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Drinking Up to 25 Cups of Coffee Daily Not Bad for Your Heart: Study

Go ahead and have that 25th cup of coffee! A new study done by scientists at Queen Anne University of London claims that drinking large amounts of coffee - even 25 cups a day - won’t have a detrimental effect on your heart. This is in sharp contrast to previous studies which found that throwing...
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New Study: Coffee Is Okay for Your Heart - Even 25 Cups Per Day!

New evidence indicates a whopping amount of daily coffee appears to have no negative impact on arteries.
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HGTV's Christina El Moussa Told Hubby She Was Pregnant By "Chucking The Test In His Coffee Cup"

Christina El Moussa has moved on in a lot of different ways over the last few years. She divorced her Flip of Flop costar and husband Tarek, sold their family home, got married, and is now pregant! It's a lot of life changing events in a short amount of time. Especially the baby part!
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