10 Thrilling Celebrity Halloween Costumes

You know what time is it. It's the day after Halloween where we all get to see the best celebrity costumes! Celebrities love Halloween just as much as we do, and lots of fan favorites celebrate the holiday with some of the most creative costumes. Here are some celebrities who slayed the Halloween...
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Sissy Spacek, CMT Artists of the Year, Award, 2018

Girl’s “Carrie” Costume Horrifies EMTs Following Car Crash

20-year-old Sidney Wolfe was on her way home from a haunted house event when she got into a car crash.
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Paul Rudd, Portrait, New York, 2019

Paul Rudd Dresses As “Weird Al” Even Though Daughter Dresses As Character From His Movie

When you’re the daughter of a Marvel superhero, Halloween should be a pretty easy occasion, right?
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Kmart Removes Inappropriate Children's Halloween Costume from Shelves

Kmart Australia just removed a children’s Halloween costume from its shelves. This decision happened after a concerned parent put together a petition and called the outfit "beyond inappropriate." Australia’s 7 News spoke to the mother, who said she noticed the costume while she was shopping with...
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Baby, Halloween Costume, Pumpkin

Blame The Millennials, Avocado Is The Number One Selling Halloween Costume For Babies

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you have a little one crawling around that needs a costume, we have just the list for you!
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Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Smile, Black and White, 1989

Be The "Nicest Neighbor" With The "Sexy Mister Rogers" Halloween Costume

Fashion company Yandy says they try to up themselves every year with their Halloween costumes.
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John Buckland, Batman, Costume, Batmobile, Albany Elementary, 2018

“Batman” Walks Girl To School To Protect Her From Bullies

One afternoon, Erica Calculli’s daughter Lydia came home with bruises on her face.
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'I Regret Nothing': Maid of Honor Shows Up in Hilarious Outfit

You’ve heard of a bridezilla at a wedding, but a T-rex? That’s exactly what happened when bride-to-be Deanna Adams told her sister, the maid of honor, she could wear whatever she wanted to her “low-key” wedding. But instead of a simple bridesmaid dress, Christina Meador had other plans. A maid-of-...
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Ed Sheeran, Concert, Guitar, Smile, Miller Park, 2018

Ed Sheeran Likes To Dress As Spider-Man To Remain Incognito At Concerts

Like all of us, Ed Sheeran likes to go to concerts.
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Bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets

Bridesmaid Allowed To "Wear Anything" Chose A Dino Costume

This definitely sounds like something Rebekah Black or I would do to somebody. Christina Meador was asked to be the Maid of Honor at her sister's wedding. When deciding how to dress, the bride nonchalantly said, "Wear anything you choose." So Christina took her at her word . She stood next to her...
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