Do couples start looking more alike over time? New study puts long-held assumption to the test

Do people in relationships start to look alike after a long time together. A new study that probed this very question concluded that the long-held assumption may not hold muster. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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Science says that couples do eventually start looking like each other

It's a scientific fact: couples eventually start looking like each other, because "years of shared emotions lead to similar wrinkles and expressions."
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Quarantined Couples Are Noticing Pet Peeves About Partners

Quarantined Couples Are Noticing Pet Peeves About Partners. When you're trapped under the same roof with someone 24 hours a day, you really start to pick up on things.
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Dr. Oz Recommends Sex For Couples Quarantined Due To Coronavirus To "Live Longer And Get Rid Of Tension"

Dr. Oz believes that all couples quarantined due to the outbreak of Coronavirus should be prescribed a healthy amount of...relations.
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Hotel Offers Couples 18 Years Of Free Stays If They Make A Baby On Valentine’s Day

If any couples are looking to extend their family, why not travel to the Hotel Zed for Valentine's Day, where a new baby could net you 18 years of free stays!
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Study Reveals That Women Are Happier When Coupled With Ugly Men

Women don’t feel as pressured to look as good when they are with a man that is less attractive according to a study conducted by Florida State University.
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