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Man Charged With Drug Possession After Smoking A Joint In Front A Judge During Hearing

Standing in front of a jude in the middle of a courtroom is never ideal, but one 20-year-old decided it was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his support for new marijuana legislation.
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Dog Food, Bowl, Dog, Labrador retriever, Nose

Woman Sues Dog Food Company For Making Her Dog Fat

Shannon Walton is taking Blue Buffalo dog food to court.
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Red Bull, Cans, Shelves, Grocery Store, 2018

Red Bull Settles Lawsuit With Customers Who Complained Drink “Didn’t Give Them Wings”

Red Bull’s infamous advertisement proudly proclaimed that the energy drink would “give you wings.”
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Emojis, Screen, iPhone 6s, Texting

Judges Are Having A Hard Time Interpreting Emojis During Court Proceedings

Emojis are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s modern texting world.
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Mariah Carey Sues Personal Assistant For $3 Million For Alleged Blackmail

Mariah Carey is heading back to court.
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Judge Tosses Lawsuit Of Couple Seeking $5 Million After Getting Cheese On Their Plain Burger

What happens when you accidentally get cheese on your burger?
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Horse Sues Former Owner For $100,000 In Damages And Medical Costs

It's a lawsuit that could go down in legal history.
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Watch Aly Raisman Stand Up To Larry Nasser In Court

I hope everyone sees Aly Raisman's statement to Larry Nasser - the former USA Gymnastics team doctor who's now pled guilty to multiple counts of abusing young girls over the years.
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