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Jason Bonham Joins Billy Joel To Cover Two Led Zeppelin Classics

Billy Joel is known to perform, or at the very least tease, Led Zeppelin songs during his live performances.
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Weezer Step Back Into The '80s With Amazing Video For "Take On Me" Cover

Late last month, Weezer released The Teal Album, consisting of only covers, including one of our favorites, A-ha's "Take On Me."
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[VIDEO] Guy Plays ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Using Nothing But Chopsticks And A Guitar

Check out this unique cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody” that you’ve never heard before.
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Pentatonix Covers "What Christmas Means To Me"

Arlington's own Pentatonix is in the Christmas spirit. Last week, they kicked things off with their Christmas special on NBC. This week, they dropped a brand new Christmas album!
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Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins, Live, Concert

Foo Fighters Cover Metallica With 10-Year-Old On Guitar During Concert

How many of us have dreamed (or still dream) about becoming a rock star and one day sharing the stage with some of our music idols? Well, 10-year-old Collier Cash Rule has already had that dream come true. In the middle of the Foo Fighters' set in Kansas City, Missouri, Dave Grohl invited young...
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Teen Covers "Barracuda," Sings Just As Good As Heart, If Not Better

No one can sing "Barracuda" better than Heart right? Ummm, the answer might be no.
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Ariana Grande Pays Tribute To Aretha Franklin With A Cover Of "Natural Woman"

After a tribute like this, Ariana Grande can lick all the dang donuts she wants!
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Toto Covers Weezer's "Hash Pipe"

Back in May, after a plea from a fan, Weezer did a cover of Toto's "Africa." Almost immediately, the song hit #1 on the charts. Needless to say, people are loving the newer version of the song, even Toto. So much so, that Toto has now returned the favor.
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Check Out This All Acapella Cover Of Toto's Africa

There’s just something about Toto’s Africa. It's one of those songs where you stop eveything and sing! Not to mention, everybody is trying to cash in with a cover of the hit. First Weezer, now we have Mike Tompkins.
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1989 TV Guide Cover Goes Viral, Features Roseanne & Bill Cosby

Oh how the mighty have fallen.
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