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Ring Camera Catches Cow Knocking On Door Of North Texas Home

A wandering cow was just looking for a home in Mansfield recently.
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[Video] Chick-Fil-A Cow Mascot Takes Off Flying During Storm

The Chick-Fil-A mascot is apparently a big fan of the movie ‘Twister’ from the 90’s. An inflatable Chick-Fil-A cow recently got sent flying through the air thanks to storm winds. Many on social media have pointed out the video captured is reminiscent of the famous scene from ‘Twister’ where a cow...
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Escaped Cow Leads Fort Worth Police Officer On "The Longest Foot Chase" Of His Life

Fort Worth police received a call yesterday reporting loose livestock running around a residential neighborhood.
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Cute Calf Has The Shape Of Texas On His Forehead

The Texas Longhorns have Bevo. Texas A&M has Reveille. So why can't the entire state of Texas have a mascot too? Good news! We think we've found the perfect candidate! We'll call him 007(since that's what his ear tag says) and he's an adorable baby cow! Now, if you're wondering what makes this...
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Cow That Escaped Truck Heading To Slaughterhouse Gives Birth At Animal Sanctuary Two Days Later

Briana the cow jumped off a truck on Route 80 in New Jersey as it was heading to a slaughterhouse.
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We Have The Very First Birth At The Birthing Barn At The State Fair Of Texas!

Awwwww, welcome to the world little baby bull!
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The Top 10 Halloween Costumes For 2018 Are...And It Includes A Cow

Need a little help in the costume department this Halloween? No need to panic just yet! We've got a few ideas for you!
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Cockroach Milk Is The Latest Superfood Trend

We only threw up just a little bit reading this story.
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Texas State Graduate Spotted Hauling Around A Cow In A Prius

When's the last time you saw a cow in a car? Never?
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Angry Cow Headbutts Tourist After She Began Singing "My Humps" By The Black Eyed Peas

British tourist Mellisa Meville has been traveling India when she happened upon a stray cow with a huge hump while walking back to her hotel.
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