Taco Bell, Restaurant, Tallahassee, Exterior, 2019

Man Attempts To Stab Taco Bell Employee After Getting Upset About Free Taco

A man in Virginia went to his local Taco Bell wanting a taco.
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Ranch Dressing, Bowl, Table

Man Douses Woman In Ranch Dressing During Argument

A man in Wisconsin was recently apprehended by police for allegedly assaulting a woman during an argument.
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Firefighter, Australia, New South Wales, Bushfire, Trees, Forest, Fire, 2019

Police Charge 24 Individuals With Intentionally Starting Australian Bushfires

Though the nation’s drought and extreme heat are also to blame, authorities in Australia are zeroing in on a group of individuals they believe responsible for the catastrophic bushfires sweeping the nation.
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Frozen Shrimp

Man Stuffs 30 Bags Of Frozen Shrimp Down Pants In Grocery Store Theft

A man is wanted for stealing multiple bags of shrimp from a Southern California grocery store.
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Christmas, Decorations, Lawn, Nativity Scene

Woman Steals Baby Jesus From Parker County Nativity Scene

Police in Parker County are on the lookout for a woman who stole baby Jesus from an area nativity scene.
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Mahcete, Man, Pants

Five Arrested After 100 Teens Brawl With Machetes Outside Screening Of Frozen 2

A wild brawl occured in England that involved 100 teenagers, Frozen 2 , and machetes.
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Dog, Cage, Lab

House Unanimously Passes Bill To Make Animal Cruelty A Federal Felony

In a “major step to end animal abuse,” the House of Representatives Tuesday unanimously passed a bill that would make animal cruelty a federal felony.
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Hole, Ceiling, Roof

Fort Worth Police Catch Potential Robber After He Fall’s Through Grocery Store Ceiling

Fort Worth police successfully captured two suspects who were caught trying to break into a grocery store early Wednesday morning.
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Chicken Nuggets, Plate, Crispy, Pile

Vegan Calls Police After Friends Trick Her Into Eating Chicken Nuggets

An anonymous woman shared a story to the website Reddit about how her friends tricked her, a vegan, into eating actual chicken nuggets.
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Bullying, Boy, Sitting, Floor, Sad, Bully, School

Crandall First City In North Texas To Outlaw Bullying

Crandall is taking major strides to eradicate a problem plaguing schools all over the country.
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