Baby, Arm, Rock and Roll, Metal Sign, Devil Horns, Hand

Dad Edits Baby Noises To Create Video Of Infant Singing "Thunderstruck"

For over a year, Matt MacMillan recorded his young baby making a series of noises.
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Dog, Golden Retriever, Puppy, Toy

Police Therapy Dog Caught Stealing And Hoarding Toys Donated For Charity Drive

A Massachusetts police department noticed that several toys donated for a charity drive had mysteriously gone missing.
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Dogs, Cat, Corgis, British Longhair, Couch

Woman Manages To Get All 17 Dogs And Cats To Pose For A Photo

Kathy Smith was able to successfully wrangle all of her cats and dogs for a family photo.
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Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, Red Carpet, Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2019

Priyanka Chopra Surprises Nick Jonas With A German Shepherd Puppy For Anniversary

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are just a few short days from officially celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary.
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Great Danes, Puppies, Dogs, White Background

Green “Shamrock” Puppy Born In Litter Of Great Danes

Caddy Williams was watching her Great Dane Ami give birth she noticed something unusual with one of the puppies.
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Chicken Nuggets, Plate, Chicken, Nuggets

Bride Surprised With Bouquet Made Entirely Of Chicken Nuggets

Adam and Blair Tyson were recently celebrating their nuptials when Blair was gifted a surprise during the bridesmaid’s toast.
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Dog, Cough, Chair, Furniture, Jack Russell Terrier

Grandpa Brings Dog To Furniture Store To Make Sure She Likes The New Chair, Too

Aleecia Dahl's grandparents needed new furniture.
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Dog, Pet, Scratch, Ear, Tongue, Cute, Smiling

Dog Fakes Broken Leg To Score Pets And Treats From Unsuspecting Tourists

A stray dog roaming the streets of Bangkok appeared to be suffering from a broken leg.
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Schnauzer Yorkie, Dog, Cute, Gray, Scruffy, Grass,

Disney Casts Rescue Dog From Arizona In Live-Action Adaptation Of "Lady And The Tramp"

Disney has their leading man for their live-action adaptation of "Lady and the Tramp."
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McGruff the Crime Dog, Kindergarten Class, Costume, 2018

Police Dog Can’t Contain Excitement Meeting McGruff The Crime Dog

Nobody has ever told this police dog its sometimes dangerous to meet your heroes.
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