Man, Hand, Jenga, Game

Warch This Dad Pull Off An Impossible Jenga Move

Playing board games with the family can often be a tense situation.
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Dad Heroically Dives Over A Fence & Into The Swimming Pool To Save His Son From Drowning

Swimming pools are the greatest invention ever! Especially during the summer. They keep you cool and they entertain people of all ages.
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Hero Dad Gets A Tattoo Of His Son's Heart Surgery Scar

Hero alert!!! In fact, this man needs the Father of the Year Award.
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This Father Gave ‘Free Dad Hugs’ at Pride Parade

More than 700 hugs in less than three hours.
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No Hair Dryer, No Problem...Just Use A Leaf Blower

Sometimes dads just don't get enough credit, especially when it comes to creativity and their kiddos. They can always find a way to solve the most difficult of problems.
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Daughter Vandalizes Dad's Face While He Was Taking A Nap

Dads, do NOT fall asleep on the job. We repeat, do NOT fall asleep on the job. And if you do happen to take a snooze, be sure to look at your face in the mirror before you leave the house.
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Ok Dads, It's Time To Take The Cheese Challenge!

Dads all over the world are taking part in the Cheese Challenge! While we aren't sure how moms feel about this, it does make for some pretty great internet videos.
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Actor Richard Gere Welcomes New Born Son At Age 69

A rep. for the actor confirmed that he and his wife delivered their baby boy last week in New York.
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North West Fell Asleep On Dad AKA Kanye's Head

Kids can fall asleep anywhere! No seriously, ANYWHERE!!! Even on top of dad's head.
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Whoa! This Dad Can Put His Baby To Sleep In Seconds!

What sort of sleep sorcery is this?!?!?!?!?!
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