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Robot Pole Dancers To Debut At French Nightclub

A nightclub in France has decided to take the next step into advanced adult entertainment.
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Rebekah's Broken Foot

Rebekah: After 13 Weeks In A Boot, My Foot Is Still Broken!

So a lot of you have been asking about my foot. Sigh...where do I begin?!?!?!?!
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Jimmy Fallon and Madonna

WATCH Jimmy Fallon and Madonna Break Out Their Dance Steps Wearing Glow-In-The-Dark Jumpsuits!

Jimmy and Madonna donned glow-in-the-dark jumpsuits for a dance battle...
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96-Year-Old Grandma Busts A Move At Her Great-Nephews Wedding

Weddings are always fun, the whole family gets together for the first time in forever, there’s typically good food and memories are made on the dance floor.
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This Bird Is Rockin' Out To "Blurred Lines"

Who doesn't love a dancing bird?
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Pretty Sure This Dancing Dallas Cowboys Fan Is Our Good Luck Charm

The Dallas Cowboys are back!!!!!!!!!!!
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Seniors dancing in a row at the beach

WATCH: Senior Woman Gets Her Groove On To Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams"

I hope I still have some moves when I'm this woman's age!
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We've Got A New Internet Challenge! The #SkibidiChallenge

Move over Kiki, there's a new internet challenge in town. The Skibidi Challenge, and yes, it's gone viral.
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Jumbotron + Dancing Parents = A Really Embarrassed Teen

Ahhhh embarrassment...the sole purpose for having kids, right? Ok, maybe that's not the only reason for birthing children, but it's certainly a perk.
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Wheelchair, Wheel, Female, Hand

Texas Police Officer Dances With Sweet Girl In Wheelchair At Quinceañera

Sandy Fernandez was working security at a quinceañera when he noticed a little girl in a wheelchair on the dance floor.
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