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Father Interrogates Daughter’s First Date Through Doorbell Camera

Even though he was at work, a man named Pedro wanted to make sure he gave a young man the rundown before he took his daughter out on a date.
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Jessica Simpson Criticized For Dyeing Her 7-Year-Old Daughter's Hair

Inspired by the Disney movie "Descendants 3," Jessica Simpson let her daughter dye her hair purple
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Newborn Gives Dad Middle Finger As He Tries To Sing Her A Lullaby

A mother and father just welcomed their brand new baby girl to the world.
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Kelly Ripa's Baby Girl Just Graduated High School!

Wait, what! Wasn't it just yesterday that Kelly was on LIVE with Regis announcing that she was pregnant with baby #2???
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Courteney Cox Shares A Side By Side Pic Of Herself & Daughter Wearing The Same Outfit...21 Years Later

Courteney Cox knows how to buy a dress that will last! 21 years to be exact.
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William H. Macy Buying Graduation Balloons Is So Surreal

Mom might be going to jail, but the graduation party must go on!
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Bret Michaels' Daughter Raine Stuns In The "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue

"Sports Illustrated's" annual Swimsuit Issue hit newsstands late last week.
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Daughter Vandalizes Dad's Face While He Was Taking A Nap

Dads, do NOT fall asleep on the job. We repeat, do NOT fall asleep on the job. And if you do happen to take a snooze, be sure to look at your face in the mirror before you leave the house.
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Tony Hawk Teaching His Daughter How To Skateboard Is Just The Sweetest

Tony Hawk is the greatest skateboarder to have ever lived.
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Father Plays Dress Up With Daughter For A Series Of Adorable Pics

There's definitely a special bond between father and daughter. Perhaps one that should be documented more often, like this dad and his daughter who spend their days dressing up, playing pretend, and doing epic photo shoots together.
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