Medical Marijuana, Weed, Prescription

Florida Woman Arrested After Attacking Dad After He Didn't Share His Medical Marijuana

A 22-year-old Florida woman was upset her father was sharing his weed with his friends and not her, so she attacked him, dragging him down to the floor and attempting to grab his testicles.
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Ring, Security Camera

Dad Goes Viral Leaving Sweet Messages To Daughter On Ring Camera Everyday

Even though Emily Brand is away at school, she watches her family's Ring camera everyday. When her dad found out this fact, he began leaving sweet, little mundane messages everyday, and has gone absolutely viral for doing so.
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Jessica Simpson, Maxwell, Red Carpet, Princess Grace Awards Gala Kick Off Event, 2017

Jessica Simpson Says 8-Year-Old Daughter Has Been Reading Her Tell-All Memoir

Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell just turned eight, and has honed in on some new reading material: her mother's tell-all memoir Open Book .
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Lasagna, Pasta, Red Plate, Wooden Table

New Mom Doesn't Realize She Accidentally Named Her Baby "Lasagna"

A new mother, whom just gave birth nine weeks ago, didn't realize until way after the fact that with her new baby's first and middle names, she accidentally named her "Lasagna."
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Dwayne Johnson, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Red Carpet, UK Premiere, 2017

Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Loves "You're Welcome" From "Moana," But Has NO Idea Her Dad Sings It

Dwayne Johnson's daughter loves the movie Moana , and the song "Your're Welcome" that's in it. However, she has NO idea that her father actually voices the character Maui, who sings the song in the movie!
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Twins, Babies, Feet, Parents, Hands

Woman Names Newborn Twins "Corona" And "Covid"

A mother in India has caused quite a stir, after she named her brand new baby twins "Covid" and "Corona."
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Dwayne Johnson, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Red Carpet, UK Premiere, 2017

Dwayne Johnson Teaches Daughter To Wash Hands Singing "You're Welcome" From "Moana"

Dwayne Johnson is teaching his daughter to wash her hands and sings his song "You're Welcome" form the Pixar film Moana to make sure she hits the full 20 seconds!
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Wayne Brady, Red Carpet, Spider-Man Far From Home, Premiere, 2019

Wayne Brady Is Self-Isolating With His Ex-Wife And Her New Boyfriend

Wayne Brady is currently self-isolating in his home, along with his daughter, his ex-wife, and her new boyfriend!
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Parent, Child, Mother, Daughter, Hands

10% Of Surveyed Parents Admit To Having A Favorite Child

A new survey has found that 10% percents admit to having a favorite child, and in more cases than not, it was always the YOUNGEST sibling!
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Cheerleader, Pom Poms

Dads Go Viral For Epic Cheer Routine In Support Of Their Daughters

A group of dads who formed a cheerleading troupe in support of their daughters have gone viral for their incredible routine.
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