Putting Up Christmas Decorations Early Can Make You Happier: Study

( ALT 105.3 ) - While hearing Christmas music too early in the season might be bad for your mental health , decorating for the holiday early apparently does the opposite. The Journal of Environmental Psychology notes that not only does having decorations up earlier make you seem friendlier to...
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Hanging Christmas Lights

Man Tries To Save A Fake Clark Griswold Dangling From The Roof

This man is a HERO! For trying to save a very fake Clark Griswold.
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Austin Veteran Tries To Save Man Hanging From Roof; Turns Out To Be “Christmas Vacation” Inspired Decoration

A veteran named Alfred was walking through his Austin neighborhood when he noticed what appeared to be a man in distress.
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Melania Trump Unveils The White House Christmas Decorations

First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the White House Christmas decor on Monday. Needless to say, but it's a completely different look that last year's decorations. Instead of a white snowy theme, Mrs. Trump opted for color. A lot of color, including a long hallway of solid red Christmas trees.
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LOL! Check Out The Christmas Balls At Reunion Tower!

When it comes to Christmas decorations, it's all about placement. More specifically, if they're giant Christmas might not be the greatest idea to put them in front of a tall skinny building.
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The Whataburger Christmas Tree Is Here! And It's Glorious!

We're calling it a little early. 2018 is the year of the Whataburger. The ongoing trend is to take something from your every day life and Whataburger it up.
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Putting Up Your Christmas Decorations Early Actually Makes You Happier

As if we needed more reason to bust out the Christmas decorations early! It's for our health!
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Watch This Family Put Up Their Christmas Tree In Under 60 Seconds

It's the most wonderful time of the year. And this is the most wonderful Christmas tree product ever!
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Haunted Halloween Truck Spotted In Rockwall

Well, there's at least one family in Rockwall, Texas that's feeling the Halloween spirit.
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Neighborhood Halloween House Has An Army Of Skeletons In Their Front Yard

Finally!!! The Halloween decorations are out! At least in one competitive neighborhood.
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