Die Hard

"Die Hard" Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Screening At "Nakatomi Plaza"

Definitely a Christmas movie, the makers celebrated its 30th anniversary with an exclusive screening of the film at the foot of the Fox Plaza in Century City, which served as the famed "Nakatomi Tower" in the movie.
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Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis Proclaims "Die Hard" NOT A Christmas Movie

Considered the greatest action movie of all time, "Die Hard" has spawned an incredible debate in its 30 years of existence: Is it a Christmas movie?
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Alan Rickman

Newly Unearthed Letters Reveal Alan Rickman's Frustration With Portraying Severus Snape In "Harry Potter"

At times, Severus Snape was one of Harry Potter's most loathed and beloved characters, so it's no surprise now that Alan Rickman felt frustrated at times with his role as one of the most complex characters in literature.
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Top 10 Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time

Empire Magazine , the highest selling film magazine in the U.K. (also published in America, and elsewhere) asked it's readers who they feel are the top 10 greatest movie Villains of All Time, the replied with the following: 10. The Alien (The Alien series) 9. Voldemort (The Harry Potter series) 8...
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