Yoga, Yogi, Pose, Woman, Sitting, Mat, Floor, Indoors

Woman Falls Off Sixth Floor Balcony Trying To Perform “Extreme” Yoga Pose

Yoga is no doubt an excellent way to keep your body and mind sharp.
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Snake, Bite, Strike, Grass, King Cobra

North Texas Recording More Snake Bites As Temperatures Rise

Well, the heat is back.
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Famous Instagrammer Gets Her Booty Verified As Real By A Doctor

An Instagram model felt the need for the truth.
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Woman Given Wrong Prescription Accidentally Rubs Erectile Dysfunction Cream Into Dry Eyes

A woman is Glasgow, Scotland went to a doctor complaining of dry eyes.
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A Real Life Doogie Howser, College Student Arrested For Impersonating A Doctor

Looks like Doogie Howser is best left to being a fictional character.
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Daily Sushi Eater Pulls A 5.5FT Tapeworm From Intestines

Please be a fake story. Please be a fake story. Oh dear Lord, it's real. This really happened. Readers beware, things are about to get scary.
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