Chihuahua, Dog, Walk, Leash, Parking Lot

Woman Steals Dog From Man Having A Seizure

59-year-old Robert Corbey was near a 7-11 in Longmont, Colorado last Tuesday when he unfortunately suffered a seizure.
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Golden Retriever, Dog, Tuxedo, Good Boy

Woman Decides To Marry Her Dog After “Giving Up On Men”

Former swimsuit model Elizabeth Hoad was tired of searching for the perfect man.
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Donkey smiling

Man And His Pet Donkey Go Viral For Singing A Duet From "The Lion King"

A South Carolina man and his pet donkey, Nathan, went viral for re-enacting the famous opening song of The Lion King. Travis Kinley adopted Nathan a few years ago to live with his other horses. He just recently realized they had a knack for singing together. Of course, I had to try this with my pet...
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Woman Arrested After Claiming She Thought The Bear She Kept As A Pet Was A Dog

A woman in Malaysia happened upon what she thought was a dog on the side of the road.
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McGruff the Crime Dog, Kindergarten Class, Costume, 2018

Police Dog Can’t Contain Excitement Meeting McGruff The Crime Dog

Nobody has ever told this police dog its sometimes dangerous to meet your heroes.
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Man Offers One-Bedroom Home As A Reward For Finding His Missing Dog

An Arizona man is desperate to find his missing pooch.
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Watch This Dog Sing Along To "Old Town Road"

Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus are the breakout, unlikely duo of the year. However, the two managed to create the most popular song of the summer! And it's not just for the kids. It's for dogs too!
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Watch This Dog Run A Record-Breaking Mile While His Owner Tries To Keep Up

Dan Wehunt may not be a household name, and that's ok. His dog Odess, however, needs to be. They ran in this year's Dog Mile World Championship and broke a world record for the fastest mile. Odess is a German Shorthaired Pointer, who's 4 years old. They (together) almost ran a sub-4:00 mile.
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What The Heck Did This Security Camera Catch On Tape? An Alien?

Neighborhood dog? Cat? Alien? Or drunk Dobby from Harry Potter???
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Sully Pays Tribute To His Best Human Friend George H.W. Bush On Memorial Day

It's been almost six months since we lost former president George H.W. Bush. Gone, but certainly not forgotten.
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