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Austin Woman Quits Job To Make Six Figures A Month Pretending To Be A Dog Online

An Austin woman quit her job as a clinical optician, because she found new work pretending to be a dog online, where she makes, believe it or not, over SIX figures a month.
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Dog Sets Guinness World Record For Holding 6 Tennis Balls In Mouth

An upstate New York dog has set a Guinness World Record by holding six tennis balls in his mouth. Finley Molloy, a 6-year-old Golden Retriever in Canandaigua, started cramming tennis balls in his mouth all on his own when he was 2.
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North Texas Bulldog Humps Groomer While She Tries To Clip His Nails

A bulldog in Granbury got a little too frisky with his groomer, after he climbed onto her back and began humping her while she tried to cut his nails.
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Pug in North Carolina Believed to Be First Dog to Test Positive for Coronavirus in U.S.

A North Carolina pug has tested positive for COVID-19 and is believed to be the first dog in the United States to contract the virus. The adorable pup name Winston was tested alongside his family as part of a Duke University study.
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Dogs May Face Separation Anxiety Once Coronavirus Lockdown Is Over, Experts Say

Dog experts believe that once the “stay-at-home” restrictions are lifted and things start getting back to normal, many dogs may have “extreme separation anxiety” when the human go back to work. Read more on how to establish a routine.
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Woman's 'Genius' Peanut Butter Hack Allows Her to Painlessly Cut Dog's Nails

Anyone who has ever tried to cut a dog’s nails knows that it is an impossible feat. One woman came up with a ‘genius’ hack involving peanut butter on her forehead that easily got the job done. Check it out.
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Woman Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Clip Her Dog's Nails With Peanut Butter And Saran Wrap

This woman came up with an ingenious hack to trim her dog's nails, using nothing but some peanut butter and saran wrap.
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Adorable Dog Seeks New Family After Both Owners Died of Coronavirus

An adorable New Jersey dog is looking for a new family after his two owners passed away from coronavirus. The 9-pound pup arrived at a local shelter last week “scared and shaking.”
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EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Vet Stunned to Discover Dog Swallowed Rosary Beads

We’re all hoping and praying that the coronavirus pandemic goes away quickly, but this puppy took it to the next level when he swallowed rosary beads! See the X-RAY detailing the pups miracle meal now.
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Winery Offers Curbside Delivery By A Dog During Coronavirus Lockdown

A winery in Maryland is getting their wine to customers in the most special of ways, by offering curbside delivery by a Wino Dog named Soda Pup.
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