Donald Trump


The State Of The Union Gets A Bad Lip Reading

Last Tuesday marked President Donald Trump's second State of the Union address to the American people. Whether you loved or hated what he had to say, we can assure you that the fine folks at Bad Lip Reading have a much funnier version of the speech.
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This Towel's Shadow Looks Exactly Like Donald Trump

Some have seen Jesus in a Cheetoh. Others have seen the Mother Mary on toast. But today, well, Donald Trump is in the towels.
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President Trump Bought The Clemson Tigers A Fast Food Feast

When you win the NCAA National Championship in football, that comes with a visit to the White House and a meet and greet with the President himself...even if the government is currently shutdown.
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Check Out The Best Presidential Alert Memes

On Wednesday afternoon, at exactly 1:18PM, the very first presidential alert went out across all wireless devices. It was impossible to miss, in that, it took over your screen no matter what you were doing.
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Mark Hamill Suggests Replacing Donald Trump's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame With Carrie Fisher

President Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized several times since he took office.
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Russia Appoints Steven Seagal As Special Envoy For United States Relations

The fate of the world, once again, lies in the hands of Steven Seagal.
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Another Person Took A Pickax To Donald Trump's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Hmmmm, this sound familiar.
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This Cloud Looks Like Donald Trump

Have you ever spent time cloud watching? It's higly likely you'll find one that looks like a dog or a gator or even a person.
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Laura Bush, Willie Nelson, & Melania Trump Are Against Separating Families As Immigration Policy

For the first time in a long time, it would appear that a Republican, a Democrat, and an Independent are all on the same side when it comes to separting families as a part of the United States' immigration policy.
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Someone Took The "Did We Just Become Best Friends" Scene From Step Brothers & Replaced The Faces With Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un

On Monday, President Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the most anticipated summit of the year. The two shook hands, took pics together, made statements to the press, and attended a one-on-one meeting where they spoke privately for hours.
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