You're Never Too Old For Halloween! Check Out These Awesome Elders In Costume

Fact: Halloween is fun at any age.
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This Baby Looks Like An Old Man

There's no such thing as an ugly baby. They are all cute in their own way. Even the ones that look like little old men!
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Elderly Gentleman Escape Nursing Home To Attend The World's Largest Heavy Metal Festival

Employees at a nursing home in Germany grew concerned when they had difficulty locating two of their residents.
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Garland Senior Citizens Get Second Chance To Go To Prom

Lloyd Whalen never went to his senior prom in high school. He couldn't.
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If You're Elderly, Disabled, A Veteran, Or A Single Mom Living In Dallas, This Man Will Mow Your Lawn For Free Today

Get ready for your feel good story of the day.
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