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Man Drops Engagement Ring Into The Ocean After Proposing To Girlfriend While Surfing

Christopher Garth wanted to make his engagement to his girlfriend, Lauren Oiye, a momentous occasion.
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Man Saves Nail Clippings For A Year And Turns Them Into An Engagement Ring

A man in China decided to custom make his own engagement ring.
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Woman Accidentally Swallows Engagement Ring While Sleeping

A woman in San Diego dreamt one night that she swallowed her engagement ring.
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Man Accidently Proposed To His Girlfriend After Taking Ambien

A man posted on Reddit that he could not remember proposing to his girlfriend after taking an Ambien before going to bed.
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Paris Hilton Is Keeping The $2 Million Engagement Ring Her Ex Proposed With

Paris Hilton became engaged to model and actor Chris Zylka last January.
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Woman Accidentally Finds Hidden Engagement Ring Then Complains About It On Social Media

This week a story about a woman finding an engagement ring her boyfriend was planning on proposing with and complaining about it on social media is making it's way around the internet.
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Woman Uses A Hand Stand-In After Wedding Proposal Because She Didn't Get Her Nails Done

No matter how hard you try to prepare for your wedding proposal, it will always happen when you least expect it. Not to mention, it's dang near impossible to keep up appearances 24/7.
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