USWNT's Alex Morgan Sipping A Cup Of Tea After Scoring Against England Is EVERYTHING!!!

USA! USA! USA! The women's soccer team is kicking a$$ and taking names!
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Hairy armpits and Black spots

Attention Ladies: Ready To Take Part In "Januhairy"?

Laura Jackson, a drama student at Exeter Univeristy, says she came up with the idea after letting her own hair grow out for a performance.
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Giant Inflatable Santa Wreaks Havoc On The Road, Causes A Major Traffic Jam

Well, we have our first bad Santa of the holiday season.
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World Cup

If You're Going To Get A World Cup Tattoo, You Might Want To Make Sure Your Team Wins First

Fact: England did NOT win the World Cup in 2018. That honor now belongs to France.
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Meghan and Queen Elizabeth

The Queen And Duchess Meghan Make 1st Joint Appearance

he former Meghan Markle made her first joint appearance with Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, taking a special royal train to events in northwestern England.
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Ft Worth Police Car

Vintage Fort Worth Police Car Spotted Along Southern Coast Of England

Ben Poynter has lived in the town of Bournemouth, along the southern coast on England, for a few months.
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Marathon Runners

Woman Ignores Road Closures And Drives Into Marathon Runners (Video)

The Plymouth Half Marathon took place this past weekend in the United Kingdom, and apparently, the whole town of Plymouth knew of it except for one, sole woman.
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Man Carrying Marijuana Plant Sprints Away After Walking Into Live News Shot (Video)

Police in Hoath, near Canterbury, England recently busted a major cannabis factory, operating from a Kent neighborhood cottage.
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David Bowie Statue To Be Unveiled in English Town

An Earthly Messenger is making its way to the English town of Aylesbury. What’s an Early Messenger? Glad you asked: It’s the bronze sculpture of a handful of David Bowies ’ myriad personae.
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