Studio portrait of Woman in protective mask with red rhinestones on a grey background

Man Commissions Jeweler To Make $1.5 Million Face Mask For COVID-19 Protection

Man Commissions $1.5 Million Face Mask For COVID-19 Protection. Check out the video of this masterpiece being created. Video of Check out the world's most expensive face mask priced at $1.5 million
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Wedding, Reception, Table, Flowers

The Average American's "Dream Wedding" Costs On Average $42,000

A new survey has found that the average dream wedding for your average America will cost, in total, $42,310.48.
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Dallas, Skyline, Buildings, Skyscrapers

The Most Expensive Hotel In Texas Is Uptown Dallas’ Ritz-Carlton

We all know that Uptown is one of the priciest areas in Dallas.
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Fajitas, Food, Plate, Steak, Chicken

Texas Restaurant To Offer $400 Plate Of Fajitas Topped With 24-Karat Gold Flakes

Fajita lovers, we have found your dream. Guard and Grace is a steak restaurant that will soon be opening in Houston, and they will be offering what they're calling the "Millionaire Fajitas." They won't set you back a million bucks, but you can have this massive plancha of 32-ounce Snake River wagyu...
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American Girl Dolls, Mattel, Store, Shelf

American Girl Selling $5,000 Doll Covered In Swarovski Crystals

With the holidays right around the corner, no doubt the kiddos are starting to ask about Christmas presents.
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Koi Fish, Pond, Water, Fish, Orange

Family Spends $300 To Have Tumor Removed From Pet Fish

Anything to save a beloved pet, right?
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Champion Pigeon Sells For $1.42 Million At Auction

Armando is a champion-bred racing pigeon from Belgium.
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College, Bookstore, Shelves, Books, Blurry

Universty Bookstore Employee Charged With Stealing $20,000 Worth Of Textbooks

Jose Roberto Alonzo is an employee of a University of Central Florida bookstore.
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Company Charges Parents $7,500 To Coach Their Babies To A Better Night’s Sleep

Babies cry, but it’s probably always a shocker to new parents just how MUCH babies cry.
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Ice Cream

The World's Most Expensive Ice Cream Costs $60,000 And A Hike Up Mount Kilimanjaro To Get It

Three Twins Ice Cream offers the most expensive ice cream in the world.
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