Teacher Goes Viral After Sounding Off On Facebook About "Disruptive" Students & "Rude" Parents

The state of Oklahoma has seen their fair share of teacher protests in the last few weeks. While teachers aren't protesting in Texas, there is one teacher who has decided to speak her mind.
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Mark Zuckerberg in Agreement

Facebook Entered Into Talks With U.S. Hospitals To Share Patient Data

Its no secret that Facebook has been under heavy fire for their misuse of user data. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data leak, a new proposed project has come to light, which involves data-sharing between the social media giant and health organizations. Facebook had already sent out an...
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Facebook Sign-in

How To Find Out Everything Facebook Knows About You

In the past week, it seems like there is a new story coming out about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and user privacy daily, but what does Facebook actually know about their users? As it turns out almost everything.
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

FTC To Investigate Facebook's Privacy Practices

The Federal Trade Commission confirmed Monday that it has an "open non-public investigation" into Facebook's privacy practices after a week of privacy scandals rocked the social media giant
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Man With Camera

San Antonio Man Sneaks Creepy Clown Into Wedding Photo

For their one-year anniversary, Vince decided to surprise Manda with a secret he's been keeping from his wife for the duration of their marriage.
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How Easy Is It To Leave Facebook?

Want to delete your Facebook? Here is how you can go it.
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Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes On Facebook For Cambridge Analytics Data Breach

Well, well, well, the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has finally weighed in on the Cambridge Analytics data breach. In fact, the billionaire took to Facebook to issue an apology, as well as explain the last eleven years of dealing with the analytics company. The gist of the apology... "I...
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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg Loses $5 Billion After Cambridge Analytica Controversy

While Mark Zuckerberg is probably still able to roll around in gagillions of dollars, he is down a couple of bucks, somewhere around $5 billion. And that number could be dropping.
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Firefighters Help Rescue Choking Boy Over 800 Miles Away

The fire department in Wayland, Massachusetts received a message on Facebook from a panicked mother reaching out for any kind of hep with her choking 16-year-old son.
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Father Shows His Daughter "How A Man Is Supposed To Treat A Lady" With Amazing Valentine's Date

Ok. This is too freakin' precious.
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