Funeral, Coffin, Flowers, Cemetery, Service

Deceased Man Gets Last Laugh With Hilarious Audio Recording For Funeral Attendees

Though funerals are often a somber occasion, Shay Bradley wanted to make sure his friends and family had one final laugh with him as he was laid to rest.
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Belly, Beer Gut, Shirt, Close Up, Bellybutton

Husband Fills In For Wife In Hilarious Maternity Shoot

Kelsey Brewer was preparing to head out for a maternity photo shoot when she unfortunately was ordered to go on mandatory bed rest.
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Debbie Reynolds, Red Carpet, 51st Annual Thalians Ball, 2006

Billie Lourd To Portray Debbie Reynolds' Granddaughter On "Will & Grace"

Billie Lourd will soon pay tribute to her late grandmother in the sweetest way.
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Hair Dryer, Hand, Blowing, Black, Plastic

Grandmother Uses Hair Dryer As Fake Radar Gun To Stop Speeding On Her Street

A grandmother in Montana was worried about fast drivers speeding down a road near where her grandchildren play.
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Flying House, Balloons, Sky, Up

5-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday With Adorable “Up” Photo Shoot With His Great-Grandparents

When Rachel Perman asked her five-year-old son Elijah what he wanted for his birthday, he knew exactly what to ask for.
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DNA Test, Genetics, Forensic Science, Scientist, Doctor, Gloves

DNA Test Reveals Married Couple Are Actually First Cousins

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous gifted her husband a DNA kit for his birthday.
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Paul McCartney, Concert, Bass, Marcus Amphitheater, Summerfest, 2019

Paul McCartney’s Grandson Mugged At Knifepoint

According to a new interview, Paul McCartney’s grandson was recently robbed by a mugger with a knife.
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Woman Tanning, Poolside, Swimsuit, Sunglasses, VIntage, Retro, Ship Deck

Hilarious Video Shows Differences Of Being A Mom In The Summer In 1989 Vs. 2019

We know the times have changed in the past forty years.
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Bindi Irwin, Robert Irwin, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ceremony, 2018

Bindi Irwin Asks Brother Robert To Walk Her Down The Aisle On Wedding Day

Last week on her 21st birthday, Bindi Irwin got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Chandler Powell.
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Robin Williams, Stand Up, Milwaukee, 1982

Robin Williams' Son Honors Father By Getting Married On His Birthday

July 21st has a lot of different meanings for Robin Williams' family.
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